Island Bracket

Island Bracket

For the always popular island or peninsula, the Island countertop support is a great choice for supporting heavy countertops such as granite, quartz or butcher-block. The bracket is designed for an application where no knee wall exists and the countertop extends directly off the base cabinets.

Created with ease of installation in mind, the bracket attaches to the inside of the cabinet face frame via a steel flange and extends through the cabinet and out the back to support the island overhang. The key to this bracket’s strength lies in the cantilever action that uses the weight of the countertop material to ensure a solid structure.

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Island Bracket


  • Horizontal support is 2 ½” wide x ½” thick steel
  • Length is 16” – 48”, determined by customer
  • The flange is 4” wide x ½” tall x ¼” thick steel with 2 mounting holes